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Hill and State Strategies'

 Summit Labs

At Summit Labs, a division of Hill and State Strategies, we're transforming political campaigns with cutting-edge software. Our focus? Deploying AI and advanced analytics to deliver actionable insights for progressive victories. Summit Labs is where research and data meet strategy, powering Democratic campaigns to lead with confidence and win with intelligence.

RivalMind AI is the first ever all-in-one Democratic research and strategy platform designed to save valuable time on basic research aggregation, message development, and democratize research for campaigns and organizations at all levels.

We've seen the Republican playbook and we know the stakes. We've leveraged advanced AI to help campaigns and organizations of all sizes develop the capabilities to outmaneuver and outsmart Republicans in 2024. 

Join us at 1pm ET on March 28th for a platform feature demonstration, pilot program enrollment period, and strategic roadmap for in 2024. 

A New Dawn for Research

March 28 | 1pm ET

We're deploying in 2024. Join our email list today and be the first to receive exclusive insights, breakthroughs in AI-driven research, and the latest strategies powering progressive victories.

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