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Our services are at the heart of where data, tech, and research meet strategy. We offer a comprehensive suite of research, public affairs, and organizational strategy solutions, all powered by the latest in research technology. From in-depth opposition research powered by AI to strategic planning informed by data analytics, our offerings are designed to equip progressive campaigns and causes with the insights and tools they need to succeed in today's complex political landscape.

Hill and State Strategies (Campaigns).jpg

Quick, reliable research and strategic guidance tailored to the dynamic needs of Democratic campaigns. From voter insights to narrative strategy and candidate vetting, we provide the tools you need to win big.

  • self and opposition research 

  • candidate vetting 

  • messaging & narrative strategy

  • qualitative research

For Campaigns

Custom research, strategy, and advocacy planning for labor unions, non-profits, and government agencies. We excel in policy analysis, organizational strategy, and effective team building to advance your cause.

  • policy & landscape analyses

  • issue advocacy campaign planning

  • qualitative research 

  • strategic planning

  • organizational capacity building

For Organizations


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