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Hill and State Strategies is a collective of strategists passionate about advancing progressive politics. Our diverse team brings together expertise in research, strategy, and public affairs to guide our clients toward long-term success. With a focus on building robust foundations, we offer strategic advice that's not just visionary but executable.



Turning Knowledge into Actionable Insights

By blending innovative techniques with traditional research, Hill and State Strategies offers unique insights that turn knowledge into power.

Our mission is simple: to make research count by empowering your campaign or organization with the clarity and strategy needed to achieve impactful change.

Hill and State Strategies is more than just a research firm; we're your strategic partner in navigating the political landscape.


Bridging the Divide in the Digital Age

In an era of data overload, Hill and State Strategies stands out by making sense of the noise. Our expert team conducts in-depth analyses to provide precise insights, ensuring you connect meaningfully with voters and stakeholders.

We're committed to translating complex research into clear, actionable strategies that resonate in today’s intricate political landscape.

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Pairing Research and Strategy with Technology

We're revolutionizing how research informs political strategy, closing the gap with our innovative tech stack. By harnessing the power of technology, we turn knowledge into actionable insights that drive decision-making and campaign success.

Our approach ensures that every piece of data translates into strategic advantage, making sophisticated research accessible to campaigns and organizations of all sizes.

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