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Hill and State Strategies is a national research and public affairs firm dedicated to advancing progressive democratic candidates, labor unions, advocacy groups, non-profit organizations, foundations, and governments. We specialize in guiding our clients to victory on Election Day and in their long-term strategic campaigns.

Our team comprises strategists who are not just consultants, but also planners, doers, thinkers, and continuous learners. We approach consulting differently, prioritizing the establishment of robust foundations. We offer clear-sighted, research-based strategic advice and excel in effectively communicating your message to the right audiences.

Join us in reshaping the future. Let's win together.

Our Approach

In the digital age, data overload widens gaps between candidates, voters, and stakeholders.


Our expert research team navigates this complexity by conducting thorough analyses. Combining traditional and cutting-edge methods, we bridge these divides by translating in-depth research into actionable strategies.


With Hill and State Strategies, access precise insights for informed decisions, connecting meaningfully with your audience in today's intricate political landscape.

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