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Meet Your Research & Strategy Co-Captain

RivalMind AI is revolutionizing political intelligence for Democratic campaigns and organizations. Designed to streamline workflows, analyze sources with unprecedented speed, and create an adaptive, centralized research repository, RivalMind AI adapts flexibly to the diverse and changing requirements of any organization.

By automating routine data analysis, it frees up your team to engage in deep, investigative research essential for staying ahead of your political rivals. Whether tracking opposition, vetting candidates, or persuading voters, RivalMind AI equips all levels of organizations with the tools needed for comprehensive oversight and influential communication.

Analyze Multiple Sources in Seconds

Save yourself hours of manual research analysis and let Insight Extractor pull out top quotes, entities, and summaries of your research.

RivalMind AI Features

Develop Living Dossiers

Develop a living dossier on your candidates that updates automatically based on your latest research and insights and share them across your organization securely. 


At the heart of RivalMind AI, the Insight Engine analyzes your chosen sources to extract essential sentences, key figures, and summaries – processing hours of manual research analysis in minutes.


Keep a detailed, evolving record of your opposition with RivalMind’s adaptive intelligence. Adapt and expand this intelligence file as candidates evolve 

ensuring you always have a detailed, up-to-date profile at your fingertips.


Keep your campaign strategies sharp and responsive with real-time alerts from media and public records sources. Track candidates, issues, and developments across the web, ensuring your messages are timely and impactful.


Elevate your research by generating targeted messages based on desired sentiments. RivalMind AI aids in drafting precise polling questions, narratives, and voter persuasion tactics, setting the stage for impactful communication strategies.


Transform how your organization retains and utilizes information. RivalMind AI's Knowledge Base turns your accumulated research into a dynamic, intelligent database that connects new inquiries with past insights, eliminating reliance on scattered data and fading memories.


Streamline the creation and organization of your opposition research books and issue papers with Book Builder. Collaborate effortlessly, maintain citations, and access your research anytime, anywhere. 

Reset the Political Chess Board in Your Favor

Join the RivalMind AI First Access Pilot Program for an exclusive first look at RivalMind AI, designed specifically for researchers and strategists in Democratic campaigns and progressive organizations. As a participant, you'll gain early access to our core workflow features, have the opportunity to influence future development with priority status for feature requests, and enjoy additional capabilities at no extra cost.

The 2024 RivalMind AI First Access Pilot Program

Prioritized Development

Your feedback and needs drive our development schedule, putting your organization at the forefront of AI-powered political research.

First Access to New Features

As a pilot participant, you'll be the first to access and test new features as they become available, at no additional cost, enhancing your strategic capabilities throughout the election cycle.

Integrate Advanced Tools with Ease

Our Pilot Program offers an approachable way to integrate advanced tools in 2024 without the need for a deeply technical skillset or hours of training.

Supercharge Your Research Today

Join us in shaping the future of political research and strategy. Your insights will directly influence the enhancements of RivalMind AI, ensuring it meets the real-world demands of campaign environments. Enroll today to be at the forefront of political technology innovation.

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Centralize Your Research

Keep the races and candidates you're watching centralized in one place and never lose a source again.

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